Are you passionate about medieval times?

What not to miss in the Vallès Occidental!

Are you an enthusiast of the medieval period? Are you interested in discovering the heritage that is preserved in the Vallès Occidental of this era?

Below you will find a series of proposals with some of the most remarkable elements of the medieval period of the region!


It is located in the middle of the park of Vallparadís, on the hill where the old town of Sant Pere de Terrassa is located.

It is an exceptional collection of Catalan historical and artistic heritage. The churches of Sant Pere, Sant Miquel and Santa Maria and the archaeological and artistic heritage they contain, cover a wide chronology, from the Iberian era to the present day. The architecture of the three temples and the testimonies of the Visigothic era, the murals of the early Middle Ages and Romanesque and the Gothic altarpieces that have been preserved are impressive.

PROPOSAL: You can combine your visit to the Ègara Headquarters with the proposal Discover Terrassa in one Day!

Seu d ‘Ègara. Churches of Sant Pere

Tel. +34 937 833 702

Pl. del Rector Homs, unnumbered – Terrassa

Please see the times and conditions of your visit on this link.


This monastery was the most powerful in the county of Barcelona and is currently one of the most well-preserved heritage sites of medieval times in Catalonia.

Do not miss the visit to its cloister, which is considered a jewel of Romanesque sculpture. The church preserves the altarpiece of All Saints, attributed to Pere Serra, one of the most brilliant witnesses of the Catalan Gothic school. The Gothic rose window of the main facade of the temple is also noteworthy. You can also visit a permanent exhibition that allows you to discover the origin and architectural evolution of this monastic complex over the centuries and the Benedictine community that inhabited it.

Different options are available to you in terms of visit, free, guided, staging…

PROPOSAL: You can combine the visit to the monastery with the proposal Culture, cuisine, antiques… A romantic weekend in Sant Cugat

Monestir de Sant Cugat

Plaça d’Octavià, 1 – Sant Cugat

On this link you can consult the different options offered and the conditions of the visit.


This Romanesque monastery is located at the top of La Mola, at 1,103 m altitude. The building has its origins in the 11th century and until the middle of the 18th century it was the headquarters of a community of Benedictine monks, after which it was abandoned. Guided tours are available on Sundays at 11.00.

In the grounds of the monastery you will also find the Information Point and the restaurant La Mola, in case you like to have lunch.

There are different paths to reach the top of La Mola, the best known is the Camí dels Monjos (PR-C 31, signposted with white and yellow marks), a historic path that connects the monasteries of Sant Cugat and Sant Llorenç del Munt. According to legend, this was the path that the monks of Sant Llorenç del Munt took to the Monastery of Sant Cugat, while they were looking for a new place with productive lands where to settle. We also encourage you to discover other routes to get there!

Find more information about the Park here.

PROPOSAL: You will also find the permanent exhibition ‘The Monastery of Sant Llorenç del Munt, which takes a chronological review of the human and cultural occupation of the mountain, take the opportunity to visit it!


It is a Gothic building, which was built between the 14th and 15th centuries and currently houses the headquarters of the Folch i Torres Museum-Archive.

The visit of the magnificent castle building will also allow you to discover the museum of this foundation dedicated to the five brothers Folch and Torres (a very prolific family in Catalan culture!). Are you familiar with the Massagran’s comics? Are you going to see the Pastorets (traditional theatrical representation of the advent of the child Jesus) every Christmas?

Well, don’t miss this visit!

Folch i Torres Foundation – Castle of Plegamans

+34 938644359

Castell de Plegamans

Palau-solità i Plegamans

You can check the schedules and conditions of the guided tours at this link.

PROPOSAL: You can combine the visit to the Castle of Plegamans with the Tripallocavipasec proposal! A Sunday in Palau-solità i Plegamans


The Torre del Palau (Palace Tour) is one of the symbols of the city of Terrassa. Documented since the 11th century, this is the only remaining testimony of the ancient castle of Terrassa, which was demolished at the end of the 19th century. It is currently one of the headquarters of the Museum of Terrassa and every fourth Saturday of the month there are concerted guided tours.

Do not miss the views of the Terrassa at the top of the tower!

You can find out more information about the visit here.

Oh! Do you know that in Terrassa there is a sweet called Pauladina, inspired by the Palace Tower? Don’t miss the opportunity to taste them! More information can be found here.

PROPOSAL: You can combine the visit to the tower with one of the proposals of Discover Terrassa in one Day.


The Torrota is an ancient watchtower with a circular plan that could be linked to the first castle of Vacarisses, documented since the 11th century, and the Torrota de l ‘Obac, as a defense of the road of Vacarisses.

At the La Frasera cheese factory there is a goat cheese that bears the name of La Torrota. You can consult the information here to make a visit.

PROPOSAL: You can combine the hike to the Torrota with the Vacarisses proposal, between two natural parks.


The church of Santa Maria de Barberà, also known as La Románica (the Romanesque), is a 12th-century building. Its construction hits through the use of three different tone cut stones and decorations on the walls with blind arches, Lombard bands and sawtooth. The Romanesque period pictorial ensemble preserved inside the building, discovered in 1919 under a layer of lime, is impressive. These murals depict scenes from the Old and New Testaments.

PROPOSAL: You can combine the visit to the church of Santa Maria de Barberà with the proposal Un día a Barberà del Vallès: proposals to discover the city.


The Sentmenat Castle has been documented since the 11th century. The current appearance of this large building corresponds mostly to the Gothic period and also to the reforms that were made later to grant it the functions of a farmhouse. You can consult it here the visiting days.

PROPOSAL: You can combine the visit to Sentmenat Castle with the proposal A day in Sentmenat: nature and heritage

And if you haven’t had enough yet… in the region there are other jewels of the medieval era with very interesting and unique elements that you can not miss:

The church of Sant Feliuet de Vilamilans of Sant Quirze del Vallès, which preserves inside a marble altar from the early Christian period with various inscriptions in Latin.

PROPOSAL: You can combine this activity with the proposal: Sant Quirze del Vallès: A day in the village of the Mussols

The Romanesque church of Santa Maria de Santiga de Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, where the Virgin Mary of Ivy is venerated.

PROPOSAL: You can combine this activity with the proposal: A day in Santa Perpètua: agricultural landscape, parks and heritage.

You can take a walk to the hermitage of Sant Adjutori de Sant Cugat with its unique circular plan construction.

PROPOSAL: you can consult itineraries through the Collserola Park at this link.

You can go to the beautiful square where the church of Sant Esteve de Castellar Vell is located, where the remains of a necropolis and a village from the early Middle Ages have been discovered.

PROPOSAL: You will find a recreation area where you can enjoy of a picnic.

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And if you still want to discover more of the medieval Vallès heritage, check out the link.


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