L’Obac and the Font de la Portella

Itinerary partially adapted for people with reduced mobility (section of about 700 meters, from the Casa Nova de l ‘Obac to l’Obac Vell) which allows to learn the history of one of the most traditional sagas of the l’Obac mountains range, the Ubach family, and which recalls the intense human occupation of the range.

One of the highlights of this itinerary are the remains that allow us to know the life of our ancestors and to understand the landscape connected to their relationship with the environment (pou de glaç, Obac Vell…).


The route begins at the car park under the Casa Nova de l ‘Obac, a former three-storey wine farm built in the early 1800s by architect Domenico Bagutti, which currently houses the Park’s Information Centre.

You will turn right to immediately take a paved track to the left that will lead you through a forest of oaks and pines to the Obac Vell. This former farm of the Ubach family was abandoned after Napoleonic troops set it on fire as punishment for helping retired Catalan troops.

You will continue on the path that will lead you to the source of La Portella, but before that, you deviate for a moment along a staircase path to see the Pou de Glaç (Ice well) of Portella. This well was built by the Ubach family in the 18th century and was used to store snow and ice during winter and was sold later in summer. You can return to your path and when you reach a small pass, on the left you will find the Turó Roig. From this strange formation, you will take in magnificent views of the Paller de Tot l ‘Any and the Roca Salvatge. Then you descend a sloping path that, in a few minutes, will lead you to the source of La Portella.

We will return to Casa Nova de l ‘Obac following the same path as on the way out.



Casa Nova de l ‘Obac: an old Italian-style three-storey wine farm from the early 19th century. On the first floor, you can visit the exhibition “Sant Llorenç del Munt and Obac: a Mediterranean landscape”.

La Pastora (the Shepherdess): old glass oven next to the Casa Nova de l ‘Obac which later became the home of a shepherdess. It is currently an ideal restaurant for family reunions.

L’Obac Vell: farmhouse with rectangular plan whose origins go back to the beginning of the medieval period. Its watchtower built in the ninth century stands out,

La Portella Ice Well: Cylindrical excavation surrounded by stone walls built in 1760 by Josep Ubach which was used to store the ice obtained during the winter to be sold in summer.


The geocaching game of this itinerary. Thanks to a set of clues, you can find a hidden treasure at a point along the way.

També et pot interessar…


Torrent de Colobrers

Gaudeix de la fauna i vegetació de ribera que predomina a la zona.


Monestir de Sant Llorenç del Munt

Situat al cim de la Mola, aquest monestir gaudeix d’unes magnífiques vistes.


Àrees pícnic

Quan va ser l’última vegada que vas gaudir d’un bon pícnic amb la família o amics? No t’ho pensis més i repeteix l’experiència!

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