A day outdoors:

The urban parks you can’t miss!

Do you want to have a good time outdoors?

Do you want to enjoy the fantastic city parks we have in the area?

Keep reading! I’m sure you’ll find one that fits you for your outing!

Plaça Catalunya de Castellar

If it’s hot, this is an ideal plan! You can go through the water games in Plaça Catalunya de Castellar, where children can play and cool off!

There are also children’s play areas and a bar.

Oh! You will also see a sculpture that depicts a whale captured by three ships, evoking the defense of animals in danger of extinction, work of the artist of Castellar, Joan Coderch.

For more information and the water games schedules at this link.

And if you want to treat yourself, in Castellar you will find a varied gastronomic offer with proposals for all tastes.

Parc Central de Santa Perpètua

The Santa Perpètua Central Park is a huge green lung, ideal for spending a day outdoors!

The Central Park has six distinct areas: Passeig dels Colors, Camí de la Granja, Passeig de la Ribera, Bassa, Anella and Plaça de l ‘Amfiteatre. In the main space, the Bassa, you can practice different fun and sports activities and there is a space for children’s boats. In the anella area you will find a road education circuit, a bicycle parking area and a basketball court. On the Passeig dels colors you will find a route from the Florida to the Ribera Park and two playgrounds for children. At the Passeig de la Ribera, with an abundant vegetation, there is a cycle path. The Camí de la Granja has an imposing grove of banana trees at the edge of the road. And finally, the space of the amphitheater, designed to enjoy varied cultural shows.

On this link you can consult how to get to the Central Park and you will find the map of the entire complex.

For lunch, you can choose between eating in one of the different restaurants that you will find in Santa Perpètua or picnicking in the Central Park.

*It is important to note that tables and chairs cannot be used, in accordance with the rules of use of the Central Park. You can have picnics on the ground (on a blanket) and please always collect all the waste once we are done.

Parc de Vallparadís de Terrassa

This park is a large green space in the heart of Terrassa filled with recreational spaces and heritage buildings.

On this link you will find a map indicating the different points of interest and services of the park: a lake where you can take a boat ride, a swimming pool open to the public in the summer, playgrounds for children and bio-health, fountains, public toilets, cafes and restaurants, as well as picnic areas. The park is accessible to people with reduced mobility: it has ramps at several of its entrances and also has elevators.

We suggest you to stop and visit some of the following heritage buildings that you will find along the route:

Castle Cartoixa of Vallparadís, the Documentation Centre and Textile Museum and the Égara Headquarters – Churches of Sant Pere.

You will find more information about the Vallparadís Park here.

You can stop to eat while enjoying the picnic areas of Vallparadís Park or, if you want to eat in a restaurant, there is a wide and remarkable choice of restaurants in Terrassa. You will find restaurants belonging to the Terrassa Gastronòmica brand and the Cuina Vallès collective, where you can taste local products.

Parc del Turó de Can Mates de Sant Cugat

The Turó de Can Mates Park is the largest urban park in Sant Cugat and is connected to the city centre by the Parc Central. The Turó de Can Mates Park has a playground and giant slides, ideal for the little ones!

From the highest point of the park you will have a fantastic view over Sant Cugat and the Montserrat Mountain.

For further information click here.

At lunchtime, Sant Cugat is a city that offers numerous restaurant proposals with options for all tastes.

Can Gambús Park in Sabadell

Can Gambús Park is a large green space with many services to spend a day outdoors. There is a picnic area and 4 playgrounds for children: with movement games (swings of different types, springs, walkways and balance logs, zip lines…), symbolic games (houses and turrets), manipulation games (games of “making pies”), musical games (sound cushions, musical walkway) and blackboards to draw. It also has public toilets and a dog area.

You can find more information about Can Gambús Park here.

In the same park you will find picnic space and two restaurants: the bar El Niu and the restaurant La Capella. In the city of Sabadell, there is a wide and exceptional offer of restaurants for all tastes and budgets.

Parc de les Morisques de Sant Quirze

This is a huge natural space where you can walk or rest and the little ones will find games to have fun.

Oh! If you look at it, you will see the sculpture Continuum by the local artist Tom Carr since the Parc de las Morisques is one of the spaces of the municipality where this artistic work appears.

*This sculpture has its main element in Plaça del Turonet and others in the municipality. In this way, the sculpture as a whole becomes a thread that binds and unites the entire population.

You will find more information about the Park here.

At lunchtime, you can choose between having a picnic in the Parc de las Morisques or choosing an establishment from among the rich and varied gastronomic offer of Sant Quirze.

Parc de la Serreta a Rubí

This is one of Rubí’s largest urban parks. It should be noted that this space was designed with a commitment to sustainability and its construction has sought the minimum environmental impact and has been aimed at using recycled or recyclable materials.

In this large park, you will find giant slides, a climbing wall and inclusive games.

More information can be found here.

If you’re hungry, Rubí’s gastronomic offer is very varied. You will find an offer for all tastes and for all budgets, you can check the different establishments here!

Parc de l’Hostal del Fum de Palau-solità i Plegamans

It is a beautiful park with lush vegetation with wooded areas, meadows, a stream and water pools, beautiful for a beautiful day. There is a picnic area with wooden tables and public toilets. The children will be able to run and play as much as they want!

Oh! You can also get on the Palau Trainwhich takes a tour to discover the attractions of the Park.

*The Palau train runs on Sundays from 11am to 1.15pm.

More information can be found at this link.

If at lunchtime you decide to stay, in Palau you will find restaurant with proposals for all tastes. Walking through the city centre or the outskirts, you can stop and eat wherever you like!

Parc Catalunya de Sabadell

The Park Catalunya is one of the emblematic spaces of Sabadell and the largest park in the city. You will find an artificial lake, a dock where you can rent boats and pedal boats in summer, two children’s play areas, gymnastics equipment, a bicycle track and a skating area.

In the Park you will also find the astronomical observatory, where you can find the largest private telescope in Europe and a train that runs through the park.

You will find more information about the Park here.

 At lunchtime, in the city of Sabadell there is a wide and outstanding range of restaurants for all tastes and budgets.


Parc dels Pinetons de Ripollet

This is a large green space where you can run and play. The space is equipped with all kinds of services: a children’s play area, drinking water fountains, public toilets, picnic area and bar-cafeteria and barbecue area.

Do not miss the great waterfall of about 20 meters high!

You can also consult the educational offer of Casa Natura, an installation located in the same Park and dedicated to environmental education. Casa Natura has a space where families can play and experiment with a very varied programming related to the environment on Sunday mornings during spring and autumn. Check in advance the possibilities of visiting by contacting the Casa Natura.

You will find more information about the Park here.

At lunchtime, you have a lot of options! You can have a picnic in the same park, you can grill meat by taking advantage of the barbecue area (check the conditions of use on this link) or you can go to one of the several restaurants that you will find in Ripollet.

More information

You can find more information about urban parks here.


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