Sant Quirze del Vallès:

A day in the village of the Mussols

You want to get to know the agricultural roots of the municipality, go through the town following the footsteps of a painter, discover its local vegetation and walk through a huge urban park…? Do you want to know the connection between Sant Quirze and owls…? Keep reading and you’ll find out!

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Route through the old town: The Vila-Puig gaze

We will start with a route through the city center, discovering its heritage and rural past through the work of the prominent landscape painter of Sant Quirze Joan Vila-Puig (1890-1963).

Departure point of the route: Casa de Cultura Vila-Puig (in case you want to make the visit to the Casa de Cultura, consult in advance the schedules and conditions of the visit).

Map and route: download it here.

The route begins at the birthplace of the painter Joan Vila Puig, currently museized and converted into the Vila-Puig House of Culture, where you can take a trip back in time and learn about the way of life of modest families from the early 20th century.

The route continues through the historic centre. Following the route, you will visit the ancient Sant Quirze and discover some of the scenes immortalized by Vila-Puig. The visit will take you across the carrer Major to the square Plaça de la Vila (where you can still see in some houses the architectural model of the beginning of the century), the church of Sant Quirze and Santa Julita (of Romanesque origin), the Agricultural Cooperative (which represents the materialization of economic, associative and cultural progress that was lived in the Vallès at the beginning of the 20th century), the first extension, the Patronal and the large residential houses, the Parc de les Morisques and the farmhouses of Can Barra and Can Feliu.

Detailed route information can be found at this link.

We invite you to spend the rest of the morning at the Parc de les Morisques, a huge natural space where you can walk or rest and the little ones will find games to have fun.

Oh! If you look closely, you will see the sculpture Continuum by the local artist Tom Carr since the Parc de les Morisques is one of the spaces of the municipality where this artistic work is shown.

*This sculpture has its main element on the Plaça del Turonet and others scattered throughout the city. Thus, the sculpture as a whole becomes a common thread that unites and retains the entire population.


For lunch you can choose between having a picnic in the Parc de les Morisques and extending your stay outdoors, or choose an establishment from among the rich and varied gastronomic offer of Sant Quirze.

If you still want to stretch your legs, we suggest you to do an afternoon route : botanical Route through the Serra de Galliners!

This is a thematic route composed of four itineraries, dedicated to the different types of plant and floral formations of Sant Quirze.

Each route is marked in a different colour and aims to promote knowledge of the municipality’s natural, historical and agricultural heritage.

Four different marked routes:

Route 1: the riparian forest

Route 2: the oak tree

Route 3: The aromatic and medicinal plants

Route 4: The Mushrooms and Fruits of the Forest

Durada: 1 quilòmetre cada itinerari/uns 20 minuts de durada per itinerari

Duration: 1 kilometer each route/about 20 minutes duration per route

More information about the entire route can be found here.

Botanical route

*If you are in the Parc de les Morisques, the closest option is to start with route 2.


You can not miss the delicious coca of Sant Quirze of the Forn Valls pastry shop (C/ Nou, 41) or the sweets known as Mussolets (you can find them in the Pastisseria Mix). The name of these sweets has its origin in the nickname received by the inhabitants of the municipality, who are known as Mussols (Owls). It seems that this name is given by an ancient rivalry with the inhabitants of Sabadell. There are many stories that explain its origin, one says that the people of Sabadell made noise to wake up the neighbors of Sant Quirze and that when these came out of the window to see what happened, they called them “owls”…

You will find more information about the region’s most unique products here.

How to get there

You can consult the information on how to get there on this link.


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