Sustainable tourism

The Regional Council, the municipalities and the tourist establishments in the region are working to make the Vallès Occidental a sustainable tourist destination.

The aim is to protect and improve both our natural and cultural heritage and to develop a responsible, ecologically sustainable and socially inclusive and accessible tourism model that maintains a balanced relationship between visitors and residents.

Why sustainable tourism?

It is beneficial for visitors as the quality of their tourist experience increases and helps to create a neat and welcoming environment with friendly locals.

Tips for responsible tourism

  • Discover the environment of the place you are visiting.
  • Learn about the local culture, customs, gastronomy and traditions.
  • Consider walking, cycling, or using the public transport and bike where you can walk whenever possible.
  • Check out the offers of the establishments committed to sustainable and responsible tourism.
  • Try local products

For businesses, sustainable management implies cost savings and a competitive advantage because of the added value and differentiation it involves.

Sustainable and responsible tourism labels: