The torrent of Can Domènec


This itinerary shows us many of the natural elements that formerly characterized the ecosystems of the vallesana plain. In the first part of the tour we will walk among the crop fields and disused fruit trees areas that surround the ruins of an old masia showing us the agricultural past of this territory. Later, we will enter in a magnificent forest of pine and oak, and will discover the magnificent bank forest of the torrent of Can Domènec.


From the City council of Badia del Vallès, located near the Parc de Joan Oliver, we go by avinguda Burgos until its confluence with the avenue Via de la Plata. Once there, we follow this avenue toward the left until we get to the Parc de la Segona República, where we will find one of the trails of the network of paths of the Vallès.

Crossing the park and following this path, also called the way from Badia to Bellaterra, we cross the river and the C-58 motorway and in slight rise we arrive to the parking of the Campus of the Universitat Autonòma de Bellaterra. We cross the parking and end up in a street that we will take to the left and that runs along the perimeter of the campus until we reach the roundabout just before the bridge that crosses the highway AP-7. At this point, we will turn to the right and we will continue advancing bordering the campus. We will always continue straight on through two roundabouts until the road turns to the right and changes its direction. At this point Can Domènec is already visible on the left.

A few meters ahead, there is a dirt track on the left. After our tour in the forest of CanDomènec, we will arrive by this way. A few meters further the street turns again to the right and we find an information panel on the route of the torrent of Can Domènec and a dirt track that goes into the forest. We leave the asphalt and go slightly down by this track that goes by a pine forest.

The whole itinerary of the torrent of Can Domènec is signalled with indicative marks and does not offer any type of problem to follow it. We are going through some old disused fields and we move in a westerly direction by a magnificent pine forest. We leave a path that goes to Bellaterra on the right and we go slightly down until we reach the torrent of Can Domènec, where we find a new crossing. At this point, we leave the road that runs straight on through the torrent and that goes to Bellaterra and we follow the path that runs parallel to the torrent in a south-easterly direction following the torrent.

We move forward until we find a track that comes to us by the left and then we will continue to the right until a few meters ahead, we will find on our left some fields in disuse. We follow the margin of the fields and later we link again with a track that we will continue to the left and that will take us without further complications to source of el Carme and the Roure Centenari. Without a doubt, this is a nice place to stop and enjoy nature. From here, we take a path in a northerly direction that will take us to the street by which we have passed on our one-way journey.





Roure Centenary: specimen of oak that is approximately 127 years old and 23 meters high.


Source of el Carme: built in the 60’s it has played an important sociological and leisure activities role up to the 80’s. It was frequented by residents of nearby towns who came to enjoy the natural space.


Both the source of el Carme and the Roure Centenary have suitble play areas and picnic.

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