The hill of Pedritxes


The hill of Pedritxes and the itinerary that we will follow to reach its highest point will allow us to enjoy exceptional perspectives of all the cardinal points, offering us magnificent views of Sant Llorenç del Munt, Montserrat and the plain of the Vallès. It is a journey of great beauty that both for its length and for the comfortable paths by where it goes, is achievable by anyone.


A few meters before arriving at the entrance of the masia Can Roure we take a path on the left signalled with yellow and white marks that goes in slightly southwest direction. The trail goes up to the side of the lime kilns of Can Roure until we get to the hill of Sant Joan, where we leave the path that leads towards Can Candi and Matadepera on the left.

We continue to move forward quite plainly in a westerly direction following the yellow and white signs of the PR and the signs towards the hill of Foradades. We find a curve to the right again where we leave a track running down on the left and which goes to Can Carbonell and the pedagogical recovery centre of Verge de Fàtima. A few meters further on the right it comes to us a path that will be the one by which we will arrive when we come back. Now, however, we continue straight on. The road is wide and it moves forward in the northeast direction on the western slope of the ridge line that makes up the hill of the Os and the hill of Pedritxes.

The track changes of direction for a few moments and we move in a southerly direction until we find a new crossing where we leave the track running straight on towards the torrent of Can Bogunyà. We continue to the right in a northerly direction on a small stretch of rise. We move forward to a hill where we find a new crossroads.

We leave the track by which we were coming, that runs straight on, another that goes down and we follow that which goes to the right in a north-easterly direction following the ridge line and passing under the cables of the electrical lines. This stretch of the route offers spectacular panoramic views of the massif of Montserrat.

We will continue without further complications until we find the water tank of Foradades. Once there, we leave the path by which we were going that runs straight on bordering the tank and leave a blurred trail that goes plain on the right. We follow a small path that is born between the track by which we come from, and this path that we have mentioned. This trail goes up in a south-easterly direction following the ridge line to the top of the hill of the Pedritxes, where we find a twisted pine with a dedicatory on his side. The summit provides us with excellent views on the Mola and Sant Llorenç del Munt.

A few meters ahead we will also be able to enjoy the views over the city of Terrassa and a good part of the Vallès. From here the trail goes into a magnificent oak grove and loses height gradually until it connects again with the track by which we have come up. We will follow it a few meters to the left and down to take a path on the left in an easterly direction. This path is losing height gently until it connects with the path that we have used to go one-way and that we undo up to Can Roure.





Lime kiln of Can Roure: The so-called lime kilns of Can Roure are three pots dug in the ground, with an approximate diameter of 4 m and a height of 5 m. One of the ovens shows brick partition in the arch of reinforcement of the entrance to the combustion chamber. There are numerous remains of batches, in the piles that surround the area.

Exceptional panoramic views of the massif of Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac and the massif of Montserrat.


The hill of Foradades offers a play area and picnic.

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