The torrent of Colobrers and the chapel of Togores

This itinerary allows us to enter the oak and pine forests that surround the chapel of Togores and discover the dark torrent of Colobrers. The crystal clear waters of this torrent and the lush vegetation that we find on its banks make up a landscape of exceptional beauty that will definitely fascinates us.


From the sanctuary of the Salut we take a path that starts in the north-east and crosses the road C-1413a. The path goes towards the mountain range of Sant Iscle and the hermitage of Mare de Déu de Togores. We move forward on this track with crop fields on both sides of the road leaving to the left a path toward the Torre del Canonge, which is where we will arrive on the way back.

A little forward, we find a new crossing where we leave a track that is moving straight toward Sentmenat, we follow through the left towards Togores. The track goes gently down until crossing a small river called Tort and then we take a track that comes to us through the left and we leave the track by which we came marching straight to Can Vilà. After a small stretch of rise it comes to us by right another track that also leads toward Can Vilà. We go straight on in south direction toward the chapel of Togores.

At the same entrance of the chapel we leave the track running straight towards the Torre de Canonge and we take a track on the right in northeast direction towards Can Moragues. A little bit after the crossing we will find the singular tree called Pi de les Tres Branques on the left margin of the way. From here and until the end of the torrent of Colobrers we follow the marks of the GR 97 (red and white marks).

We will continue moving forward until flowing into a wider track that we will follow to the right in north direction towards Can Moragues. We are moving forward with crop fields on the left and pine forests on the right until we get to a new three-track crossing where we will have to continue to the left, traveling in south-west direction and passing in front of Can Moragues, where it draws two turns to the right and left. A few meters later we find the beginning of the path of the torrent of Colobrers on the left, which we will have to follow until we reach the river Ripoll. However, it is worthwhile to continue down for a few more meters and reach the spring of Can Moragues, where we will be able to freshen up and fill our canteens.

We go down by the path that loses height until we reach the river bed of the torrent and that subsequently runs along its shore, crossing by small wooden bridges on some occasions. This stretch of the itinerary is a crash of nature that gives us a place of exceptional beauty. After passing through a meander where we find the Foradada, (artificial path excavated to alter the course of the torrent), we will find the spring of the Tosca at the right margin of the way. Downstream the torrent opens and we leave the masia of Can Pagès to the right, currently transformed into a restaurant and point where the path of the torrent of Colobrers ends. We continue down and arrived to the banks of the river Ripoll, where we leave a bridge to the right and continue on its left bank. We will continue on this road that goes parallel to the river until we find a second bridge, located in front of a small industry.

Do not confuse this crossing with a walkway that we will find before and that is found at the level of Sant Vicenç de Jonqueres. From the bridge we will continue the path that started in north-east bordering the small industry and we will be going up until we find a new crossing of roads where we will continue straight ahead in the north direction towards the Torre del Canonge. A few meters after we leave a new track that comes to us by right hand and continue straight on until we reach the Torre del Canonge. From there the track runs down bordering the house and just then we ignore a track that goes on the left and that leads towards Togores. Continuing along this track we will arrive without further complications to the track by where we made the one-way of our journey, which we will take to the right going back the one-way up to the sanctuary of the Salut.





La Salut: space of worship, leisure and tradition, in a place of historical and landscape interest where it is celebrated the encounter of la Salut during the month of May.


Togores: religious building built between the 10th and 12th centuries.


Spring of Can Moragues: ancient wash house of medieval construction.


Torrent of Colobrers: natural space of great natural and landscape value.


Tower of the Canonge: house of medieval origin of the 12th century.


In the spring of Can Moragues and in the play area of the Molí de Ca n’Amat located on the banks of the river Ripoll, we find a suitable place to make a stop in the tour shortly before starting the climb toward the Tower of the Canonge.

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