The modernism coincides with a moment of boom of the textile industry, very important sector in the region of the Vallès Occidental and in which had a very prominent role the city of Sabadell, which specialized in the manufacture of woollen fabric.

Between the end of the 19th and 20th centuries, there were built several modernist buildings in Sabadell. Some were built by order of the local bourgeoisie, such as large family  houses and the textile offices. However, this style is visible in the city in very different buildings: schools, shops, and even a hotel. A walk through the centre of the city allows us to discover also modernist decorative elements, such as the decorative tile or the wrought iron, which is still preserved in some houses.

During this period, architects such as Juli Batllevell, Eduard M. Balcells, Josep Renom or Jeroni Martorell, and artists such as Joan Vila Cinca, Modest Casademunt or Ricard Marlet worked in Sabadell.

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