Buildings of the former Caixa d’Estalvis de Sabadell


The headquarters of the Caixa de Sabadell is a modernist building which was designed by Jeroni Martorell. This magnificent construction stands out by the facade with many symbolic elements, the inner courtyard or the various applied arts, such as the wrought iron or the stained glass windows, that decorate it.

The former Escola Industrial d’Arts i Oficis

This building was also built by Jeroni Martorell and  hosted the offices of the Escola Industrial d’Arts i Oficis. It stands out the great cylindrical tower with medieval reminiscences and the use of the green glazed ceramic as a decorative element.

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Modernism in Sabadell

Sabadell has a strong modernist tradition that still can be seen.


Torre de l’Aigua in Sabadell

This tank was one of the first to use the reinforced concrete in Sabadell.

Despatx Lluch

Despatx Lluch

Let yourself be surprised by this singular modernist building in Sabadell

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