Bordering the ravine of Caldes


Palau-solità i Plegamans is one of the towns where man has been present since immemorial times and where he has left its mark throughout the centuries. This historical wealth together with the rural surroundings of a nearest past combine to create an excellent place to enjoy a magnificent tour.


From the castle of Plegamans we take the carrer del Castell and turn left in the carrer Sant Lluís which takes us to the road C59. Once there, we turn right and go towards the church of Sant Genís, where we will take the carrer Barcelona that passes in front of the Town Hall located in the plaça de l’11 de Setembre. At the end of the street we turn left onto carrer Folch i Torres until we arrive to the passeig de la Carrerada, where we find the sports pavilion and the office of the local police. We continue this walk towards the right and cross the ravine of Caldes. At this point the passeig becomes carrer de Sant Oleguer and we find on the right the trail by where we will arrive when we come back. We go straight on.

In short we pass in front of the Romanesque chapel of Santa Maria Palau-Solità and, just a few meters later, we arrive to a crossroads of three streets. We take the one situated on the right and that goes to Sentmenat and Can Clapés. From here, we will always remain on this track until we find on the right the way by which it arrives the GR97 (red and white marks). Before, however, we will leave to the left the way of Can Clapés and the cemetery, and pass by a plain area from where we can enjoy beautiful panoramic views on the mountain range of Sant Llorenç del Munt.

Once at the crossroads we leave the track that goes straight on towards Sentmenat and we take on the right the GR in an easterly direction. It will take us up to the tower of Marimon. We pass in front of Can Capella, former half overthrown masia surrounded by crop fields, and a few meters ahead, we leave two tracks that run towards the left before we reach Can Tarragona. We pass in front of the house and leave a track that goes to the right in a southerly direction. Then, we take a track that goes in the north direction bordering the house.

We move forward on a plain track surrounded by fields that allows us to contemplate the cliffs of Bertí and the mountain range of Sant Llorenç del Munt. The road makes a sharp turn in a north-easterly direction and shortly after we find a new crossing. We leave the road running straight on towards Caldes de Montbui and take the one on the right, following the GR that will take us up to the tower of Marimon.

From here, and to return to the starting point of our journey, we will have to follow the GR that at times moves along the road BV-1424 in the direction of the C-59. In brief, we leave it and we take a track on the right that follows the ravine and that will take us up to the water treatment station. At this point, we will not follow the GR that runs across the river anymore and we will follow this track in parallel to the ravine. We will not leave it until we reach the bridge by which we have crossed the ravine on the one-way path. From there, we come back by the one-way path until we reach the church of Sant Genís.





Church of Sant Genís: construction of the 20th century (1942-1944). Work run by the architect Isidre Puig Boada. Church of a single nave, with an apse that is constituted by seven sides. On each side there is an arcade of pointed arch and attached pillars that serve as buttresses.

Parish Church of Santa Maria Palau-Solità: restored church of Romanesque style of the 12th century.


Castle of Plegamans: the Castell or strong house de Plegamans is a great gothic house of the 14th and 15th centuries that, later, has undergone some changes.


Tower of Marimon: it is an emblematic agro-forestry country house in the region due to its history related to various Catalan institutions and to the majesty of its buildings.


The tower of Marimon has a play area and picnic.

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