Route around Terrassa


A pleasant walk through the mountain range of les Martines and the mountain range of Can Guilera, where forests of white pine are opened to give way to the grain fields and make us enjoy of good views of the Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt and the plain of the Vallès.


We leave the horse riding to the right along the access road. At the beginning of the climb, we take the path which rises under the pine trees up to the level of the street, passing behind the first houses.

We follow the street parallel to the dirt road until reaching the street, on which we have to walk for a few meters to recover the wide track of limestone land.

From here, under the trees we see rosemary bushes and shrubs of heather. Deeper in the way we have a good view of the area of Terrassa and Sant Llorenç del Munt and, on the right, a great extension of cereal, half hidden by a small margin with holm oaks, some white pine and some large clumps of broom.

To the left we can see a link between the grove, with slope, to shorten the path or make a variant of medium level.

When we reach a large crossing, we take the path on the right, which goes down along the slope of the ravine that is on our right. Although no water is visible, we can follow the course by the deciduous vegetation, which takes advantage of the moist soil to have larger and tender leaves and soft wood, since it is of fast growing: black poplars, some poplars (very shaky leaves which catch silver tone), oaks and some arbutus, all linked by the American cane.

In this more hidden area there are quite a few rabbit holes, so it is often to see them in the way and hide under the branches when they detect us. Halfway down, we see a detour to our left that allows making a walk by the other side, with two hours of duration.

The road bends right. Right away we find a detour toward Sant Muç, and a few meters ahead, a string that we will have to border on the side. Now we line up by a broad path, but under a young forest of white pine until the ground is flattened, it opens and, behind the grain fields, we have a good view of Sant Llorenc and the Vallès plain again, now of the Sabadell sector. At the end of the field we see a fallow mound, a good example of the recovery of an old uncontrolled dumping site. After that the way lines up, recovering the same route as we did on the way.





Torrent of Sant Muç: torrent of Rubí that collects water from the mountain range of Can Guilera and the mount Pinós. It passes close to the church of Sant Muç.


The chapel of Sant Muç is one of the points of interest that are close to this route.

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