Museu Arxiu Fundació Folch i Torres (castle of Plegamans)


The Museu Arxiu Fundació Folch i Torres hosts the literary legacy of the five Folch i Torres brothers, who contributed so much to the Catalan culture in the first half of the 20th century. Located in the castle of Plegamans, the Museu Arxiu features a permanent exhibition of the books that the five brothers published, the journals that they  managed and the various memories of their private life, collaborating in this way to spread the literary and artistic history of Catalonia.

Josep Maria Folch i Torres, the most popular of all five brothers, was the soul of the child weekly En Patufet. He was also the author of the famous Pàgines Viscudes, of novels for young people as Les aventures d’en Massagran, the collection of novels of the Biblioteca Gentil and numerous works of theatre for children, including Els pastorets.

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