Valley of Les Feixes – Forat del Vent


The valley of the Feixes is one of the most important natural and historic spots of Cerdanyola. As you walk through this valley of the mountain range of Collserola you can see cultivated fields, moors, forests and also find masies and houses of farmers, a church, a chapel and even an aqueduct. A very rich heritage of the relationship over millenniums between the human beings and the natural environment.


We got out of the information booth of the Parc de la Riera and take the path of Can Catà that goes toward the mountains of Collserola. We cross the ravine of Sant Cugat and we pass under one of the arcades of the aqueduct of Canaletes; a building made of brick that probably was part of a system of scoring of several kilometres that crossing Collserola, carried water from the Vallès to Barcelona.

On the right hand side we have the masia of Canaletes, an ancient mas of the 16th-17th centuries. In front of the masia we will find the Baroque chapel of Santa Maria de les Feixes. It is surrounded by the remains of a Roman villa. We continue toward Can Catà and leave a fork to the right that leads to Can Codina, a masia rebuilt in the 40s and it is said that formerly it had been a refuge for bandits.

We continue bordering the cultivation fields and we are entering into a typical Mediterranean forest, with a mixture of oaks, holm oaks and pine trees, with a dense underbrush. The track crosses the torrent of Can Coll, also known as Torrent de Can Codina. After leaving two tracks that go to the right we arrive to Can Catà. It is a masia of Baroque style, surrounded by a magnificent garden. On the other side of the road the forest has been declared a natural reserve of the Gran Bosc and among the trees there are hidden some centenary pine trees. This reserve is open to the public the first and the third Sunday of each month. A little bit later we find the Romanesque church of Sant Iscle and Santa Victòria de Les Feixes, of a singular nave and an apse and a splendid bell tower.

We continue by the path on the right side of the torrent of Sant Iscle. Shortly after passing the mas of Can Lloses, when the road makes a very sharp curve to the left, we go straight on by a path following the white and red marks of GR. After about 50 meters we leave a track to the left and a trail that goes to the right and down. We continue going up the torrent until we reach a wider path that we take to the left. We arrive to a wider track that we follow to the right and in a few meters leads us to the Forat del Vent, a spectacular viewpoint over Barcelona and the Vallès. Once there, we follow the track on the right in a westerly direction to find the right-hand track that goes toward the mountains of Ferrer i Can Catà, which we will have to follow in a northerly direction following the ridge line of the mountain range of Ferrer.

Later, we will leave to the left the track that goes toward Can Catà (closed to the step since it is a natural reserve), and we will continue down gently to connect with the path that we have used in our climbing to the Forat del Vent. Undoing the path we have made one way trip we will arrive back to the municipality of Cerdanyola, starting point of our journey.





Sant Iscle i Santa Victòria de Les Feixes: Romanesque temple built in the 12th century where there are architectural elements of the Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance architecture. It can be visited the third Sunday of each month and during the meeting of Sant Iscle (November).

Santa Maria de les Feixes: church rebuilt in 1759, from a previous medieval church.

Forat del Vent: excellent viewpoint over Cerdanyola, the plain of the Vallès and, on days with good visibility, they can even be seen the Pyrenees.


The spring of Can Lloses has a suitable play area and picnic.

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