Source of Bou and waterfall of Guanta


At the foot of the soft unevenness of the sierra Cavallera it hides a wonderful place where the ravine of Sentmenat jumps and collects water. The leafy forest, thick and wild, opens up to the visitor to show him his most precious treasure, the cool and clear water from the spring of Bou, which flows under the cliffs of Guanta.


We go out of the plaça de la Vila and take the walk of Anselm Clavé upwards. We pass the roundabout and, at the height of the spring of Cal Pates, we leave the street Climent Humet. Shortly before arriving at the last houses, we find the hermitage of Santa Caterina to the left. At the bottom, we see clearly the profile of the castle of Sentmenat, which we reach in a few minutes. Before the castle there is a crossing. We continue straight ahead in the direction we were going. We will find a raft and a couple of paths that go to the right and left before we reach can Fruitós, a beautiful house with a chapel attached.

Once we pass the house, there is a track on the right in the direction of the forest of Can

Fruitós. We take the left, border another raft and leave another path on the right that also leads to the forest. We continue along the main track that soon crosses the ravine of Sentmenat and leads us to the path of Can Senosa. At this junction we go to the right until Can Senosa bridge, where we cross the ravine of Sentmenat. About two hundred meters later, we leave the track that heads for the Salt of Corró and we take the way that leads to Can Senosa. We go to the side of the house until the track goes into some meadows. In a closed curve to the left we will leave a track that goes to the right. A few meters ahead, a narrow path is born on the right side of the road and goes down to the ravine of Sentmenat. We walk a while parallel to the river and leave a trail that goes to the left and crosses the river at the height of a wood cutting and some stone benches. We continue forward until another crossing. The path on the right leads directly to the waterfall of Guanta. We leave the path that leads us, once crossed the river by a wooden walkway, to the spring of Bou, where we find a leisure area with tables and benches. An idyllic place to stop for a while and enjoy the surroundings. At the top of the facility, a trail crosses the ravine and goes sharply up to bring us to the foot of the beautiful waterfall of Guanta.

We will return by the same way.





The Castle of Sentmenat: castle built between the 11th and 12th centuries documented for the first time in 1056.


Mas of Can Senosa: masia also known as d’Aiguasenosa, located in the valley of the same name and on the territory of the former County. Built between the 16th and 17th centuries.


Spring of Bou: natural spring that has a small play area and picnic.


Waterfall of Guanta: jump of water from a considerable height that we can only enjoy in the rainy season.


The spring of Bou offers a suitable play area and picnic.

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