Monastery of Sant Cugat

monastir sant cugat

The monastery of Sant Cugat was the most important monastic ensemble  of the whole County of Barcelona in medieval times and it is considered one of the best preserved monastic ensembles of Catalonia.

Currently, it consists of the church and a magnificent cloister, which hosts the headquarters of the Museum of Sant Cugat. The Romanesque cloister is the most important element of the whole monastery  due to the decorative quality of its capitals. Surrounding the cloister is the chapterhouse and the ancient monastic rooms, while in the west it is the abbot palace.

The church preserves the altarpiece of Tots els Sants, attributed to Pere Serra, one of the most brilliant testimonies of the Catalan Gothic School. It also stands out the Gothic rose window of the main facade of the temple.

You can also visit a permanent exhibition which allows to discover the origin and the architectural evolution of this monastic ensemble over the centuries and of the Benedictine community that lived there.

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