The Catalan Manchester and the city of smoke. Relive the industrial past!

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Do you want to know the industrial heritage of the Vallès Occidental? Do you want to discover the secrets of the energy, science and technology? We invite you to explore our two capitals, Sabadell and Terrassa, two key stages of Catalan industrialisation.

A weekend to revive the industrial past!

Sabadell, the Catalan Manchester

In the 19th century, Sabadell became the first textile woollen centre of the peninsula, for this reason it was given the nickname of the Catalan Manchester.



The importance that the textile industry has had in Sabadell has been well attested in the urban landscape of the city, which still preserves some fumes and fireplaces, as well as other unique buildings linked to this activity. We suggest a walk through the historic centre of the city to discover the industrial age of Sabadell.

This route runs through the centre of the village, visiting buildings such as Cal Sampere (with its distinctive clock tower that warned of the change of shift to workers); the steams Codina, Bay, Pissit and Buxeda Vell (where the heartbeat of the looms resounded with strength); the old railway station of the North (where the bustle of coal, fabrics and merchants was constant) and some emblematic buildings such as the Swiss Hotel or the Despatx Lluch (leading exponents of modernism in the city).

Download the itinerary or arrange a guide through the Sabadell History Museum.


Where to eat

In Sabadell there is a wide and outstanding range of restaurants for all tastes and all budgets. You will find represented the group of restaurants Cuina Vallès, where you will taste local products.



Did you know that Sabadell was the second Catalan city which had gas lighting? Currently, the city hosts the Gas Museum in the modernist building the Energy, designed by the architect Juli Batllevell in 1899, which originally hosted a power plant fuelled by gas. The visit to the Museum allows you to take a look at the evolution of the gas, energy and electricity industry during the 19th and 20th centuries. It is possible to discover the rooms of the Museum with self-guided activities and they also offer workshops to experiment with the family. Don’t miss the Museum’s viewpoint! You will enjoy a privileged view over the city and its surroundings.

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Terrassa, the city of smoke

In 1904 the poet Pere Antoni Ventalló dedicated a poem to Terrassa, called the city of smoke, where he spoke of his city in the middle of the industrial process.



We propose the discovery of one of the best examples of Catalan industrial modernism. The Museu de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya (mNACTEC) is located in the magnificent steam that the architect Lluís Muncunill built in 1907 on behalf of Aymerich, Amat i Jover, three Indistrialists from Terrassa who dedicated themselves to the manufacture of fabrics of wool. From this modernist steam, that brought together all the industrial process for the manufacture of wool, we can go over all the parts (coal boilers, chimney, steam engine and the engine room). You can visit the permanent and temporary exhibitions on your own or, if you are a group, you can hire a guided tour.

Check out the prices, opening hours and the Guided tours offers.


Where to eat

In Terrassa, there is a wide and outstanding range of restaurants. You will find restaurants members of the brand Terrassa Gastronòmica and of the group Cuina Vallès, where you can taste local products.



The textile industry, specialized in wool, was also the economic engine of Terrassa for many years. The rise of this activity has been well attested in the city with beautiful buildings that will move to the era of modernism.

We propose the route Industrial modernism in Terrassa by which you will discover the most important modernist heritage of the city and its link to the textile industry.

You will be able to know buildings so impressive such as the Mercat de la Independència, la Confiteria Vídua Carné (chemist’s Albiñana), the Casa Alegre de Sagrera, the Gran Casino, the Casa Baltasar Gorina, the Teatre Principal, the Magatzem Torras, and the Masia Freixa one of the jewels of the Vallès Modernism and where every day it is offered a free guided tour at 12.00 h.

Download free audio-guide, to be able to make the itinerary on your own, or check out the agenda for the offer of guided tours.


Where to sleep

To sleep you can choose from the wide range of accommodation in the cities of Sabadell and Terrassa. You will find a wide selection on our website.

How to arrive

In addition to the shift in private vehicles, it is possible to reach the capitals of the Vallès Public transport.


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