Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès


It is common that, for various reasons, some people may be unable to face some challenges. Music allows you to make it visible these unconscious “disabilities” of the skills and do exercises of conscience that allow you to recover confidence.

Dynamics of work of an orchestra / company

An orchestra is a group of musicians playing together under the leadership of a director. These musicians have to bring into play a range of personal skills and knowledge to make the orchestra sound perfectly. They have to follow the guidelines that the director marks at any time and must work together to achieve this. This is why an orchestra is the perfect image of a teamwork.

In addition, an orchestra continues to be a company that works to achieve concrete objectives: making music with the best possible quality in a sustainable environment.

In the workshop there will be worked skills such as:

Teamwork: is a group of musicians, divided into different sections and hierarchies

Leadership: all the musicians play by the orders of the director

Effort and discipline: you must improve in each trial to get prepared to the day of the concert

Flexibility: every week you have to try new programs and pieces of music by various composers

Adaptation to change: many times you have to be playing under the baton and indications of different directors

Work under pressure: there is a deadline for trials which is the day of the concert

Communication: communication skills are needed, and listen to, being also necessary qualities such as energy, passion, enthusiasm, optimism, creativity, etc., essential tools to grow as a group.

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