Springs of the forest


Near Ullastrell there hide some streams of clear water and hidden springs that flow under eroded cliffs of conglomerate, among dense Mediterranean pine forests, splashes of broom and thyme. This itinerary allows us to discover a beautiful and almost virgin spot, so close and so far away at the same time.


From the plaça de l’església de Santa Maria d’Ullastrell we take the street that borders it and that heads for toward the hill of the Rector. There we find, in addition to the garden area, a beautiful viewpoint that allows us to enjoy a vast panoramic view, from Montserrat to the mountains of Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac.


In the viewpoint we take the street on the left, and at the crossroads we take the street to the right, which becomes a forest track. We leave a couple of roads that go to the right between olive groves and we arrive at the masia Can Font. Shortly after passing the masia, a crossroads allows us to reach, if we take the path on the left, the spring of Can Font, which flows in a bucolic place surrounded by gigantic banana trees.


We return to the main track and continue down to the Riera de Gaia, where we arrive just after crossing the torrent of Can Cintet. On the other side of the Riera de Gaia, among the reeds, there is another spring, where a table with benches allows us to accommodate and freshen up.


The route continues to follow up the course of the Riera de Gaia, which later is inserted among rocks and offers us a beautiful picture of the watercourse when driving under the sullen cliffs of the Castellar de Can Cabassa. In some sections a path allows us to avoid the course of water, until we get to a point where a track crosses the river. We take the road that goes up strongly in the direction of Can Cintet. We will find several crosses, and we will always choose the most obvious way that leads to the houses of the residential area Can Cabassa.


And so we come to the royal path that linked Ullastrell with Castellbisbal. The main public roads before the existence of the roads were called royal roads. There are those who believe that the name derives phonetically from royal path, referring to the ways of the king of the medieval period. Along the lane that passes over the soft and undulating hills of Can Rodó, we can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the village of Ullastrell. The path leads to the road that, if we take the right hand, will bring us closer to the village, in a couple of kilometres.



Turó del Rector: splendid panoramic views over the region of the Vallès.

Village of Ullastrell.


In the Riera de Gaia we find a suitable play area and picnic.

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