The architectural ensemble of the Obac, located in the middle of the  Parc Natural de Sant Llorenç del Munt and facing the park of Montserrat, is constituted by the Casa Nova de l’Obac (now converted into a point of information and interpretation of the park), the chapel of Sant Antoni de Padua, the  treshing floor of La Pastora (now a restaurant), the old house of the Obac, the torrota de l‘Obac, the ice well and the spring of the Portella. The site allows us to reconstruct the history of one of the sagas of more tradition in the mountain range of the Obac, the family Ubach, and to understand the landscape resulting from their relationship with the natural environment.

The origins of the medieval masia (old house of Obac) could be dated to the 12th century, but it is from the 18th century that the family Ubach thrives by taking advantage of the opening of the American market of the brandy in 1778, and specializes in the wine activity. In 1786, the Ubach began the construction of the Casa Nova to meet the needs of space derived from the prosperity of the wine activity.

But this was not the only economic activity of the family Ubach. In 1706 they built, on the crest of the well, the well of ice of the Estepar, incorporating to its economy the manufacturing and trading of ice. In 1760, in the middle of the economic expansion, they built a second well, the Portella, which is currently kept in very good conditions.

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