Choose your adventure in Rubí!

We invite you to visit the city of Rubí and discover it at your own pace!

Are you a group of friends? In the morning, choose the visit that interests you the most to get to know it: modern style, medieval times, industrial heritage…

And in the afternoon, become Xatos to make the pilgrimage to the hermitage of Sant Muç!

Let’s go!


Vineyards, industry, modern style, historical places… Rubí: a city to discover!

We invite you to discover the city of Rubí while exploring its history and heritage through different guided tours.

You can choose between the “Discover Rubí” tour that will take you through the most emblematic points of the city or, we also propose you to opt for a thematic guided tour: would you like to walk through Rubí to know its connection with wine? And discover its industrial heritage? Or admire the modernist-style of its buildings? Revive the testimiony of the floods of 1962? Or visit the scenes of the Civil War? You will find a wide variety of tours with different thematic axes that will allow you to know the city of Rubí, its history and its heritage! Choose your adventure in Rubí!

You can check out the different guided tour options here. For all these activities it is necessary to check the conditions in advance and make a reservation. You can also consult the agenda where you will find the schedule of visits that are scheduled regularly.


The gastronomic offer of Rubí is very varied, you will find restaurants for all tastes and budgets, you can consult the different establishments here!


Hiking route: The Romeu path – hermitage of Sant Muç

Once you have visited the city, in the afternoon we propose a route to get to know the natural environment of Ruby and reach one of the emblematic points of Ruby: the hermitage of Sant Muç. This hermitage is the scenario of a festival with a lot of tradition in the city: the Festival of the Xatos.

Circular route.

Point of departure and arrival: El Castell de Rubí (Rubí’s Castle)

Approximate duration: 2 h.

Distance: 7 Km

You can find detailed route information can be found here.

We will make a part of the Romeu road that connects Barcelona with Montserrat, this route was widely used by the Xatos.

And who were the Xatos? They were groups of workers who went on pilgrimage from Barcelona to the hermitage of Sant Muç (their patron saint) with knives, forks and spoons while parodying soldiers. This pilgrimage dates back to the 19th century and took place during the Easter festival of Granada. It’s only been a few years that this festivity has been recovered. Currently, the bands of Xatos leave from Rubí to the hermitage, where a mass is celebrated in honor of the Saint. On the esplanade in front of the church, they dance sardanas (a traditional Catalan dance), the Ball of the Xatos and a “arrossada popular” (a sort of paella) is made.

From this route, you cannot miss:

The visit to the Castle of Rubí, which stands on top of a hill in the western part of the town and across the other side of the river and where you will find an exhibition on the evolution of the city of Rubí. You can check the times and conditions of the visit here.

Hermitage of Sant Muç: Although the church has been documented since the 14th century, the current construction dates mainly from the 18th century. This is a single-nave building, with a large atrium at the entrance.

Oh! if you can stop to rest for a while in the hermitage, you will find areas suitable for games and space for picnicking.

How to get there

You will find information on how to get to Rubí here.


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