castellers 2

It is a workshop of leadership based on the philosophy of the castellers and its parallelism with the corporate world:

There is a leader, respected and accepted by everybody, with a leadership style very well defined and close, which seeks the commitment of everyone

There is a climate of mutual trust between all the members

There are a few clear objectives shared by everyone that are attainable, but pose a great challenge and help to generate commitment to the group

There are tasks, roles and responsibilities for each of the members of the team and the Organization, and there are no excuses for not achieving them

It is the definition of teamwork led to the maximum expression, since it is very difficult to find another activity where each element involved is so essential and where there is no individual recognition.

Workshop structure


  • Presentation and a brief history of the castellers with the projection of audiovisual material.
  • Technical explanation of the castles: nomenclature, positions of the structure and the closed circle with photos and graphics of the different elements.
  • Structure and inner working of a casteller group. This is the point where it will be clearer the relationship with business, since running on different problems will develop a series of role-playing to see them with different perspectives and with different techniques.


  • Creation of a “colla”, with the election of a head of group and its technical team
  • “Enfaixada” to the beginning of the role-playing
  • Trial of the three parts of the castle: the closed circle (closed circle organization), trunk (technique for going up and down), essay of the “knob” (children).


  • “Castle” making of
  • Celebration
  • The group photo
  • Debriefing: conclusions and doubts.
  • Final conclusions and creation of a plan of action and follow-up.

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