Agricultural route


Circular route that follows a good stretch of the plain of Vallès, surrounding different dry farming in the area.


We go out by the back of the riding centre, in the middle of two fields, by a wide path. We follow the profile of the farm of Can Taió until the road turns and we pass under the railway track. We can see the mountain range of Marina at the back. We follow the path until the street that surrounds a few industrial units. Here we are going to the right by a road and we head for towards the ridge line that lies just ahead. We pass between fields where we have broom to the left and grain to the right. As we go up, we see all the Serralada Litoral to the left and the Litoral to the right.

We pass through a semi-wooded area, with an incipient pine forest that is colonizing an abandoned field, but we still observe the agricultural tasks that are carried out in the area. On the summit the road forks and it continues to the right by the fields with a view to Santa Perpètua. We are advancing along a plain path and, after passing near a factory, we turn to the right: the road makes a slight slope down until we arrive to a few masias. Here there is a torrent that can be seen by the deciduous vegetation such as poplar, the banana, and even a couple of oaks, which follow the wet course along with the invading American cane.

We leave the torrent behind and we continue with the grain field on either side, between ripples that obstruct the view of the mountains. We find the track behind the castle again, that will bring us back to the castle, but we will enter by the main large gateway, bordering the farm by the pine forest just before arriving, turn to the left. Just on the other side of the forest we will have a good view of the tower of the castle, built by the family Gomis Güell. After being in the hands of the Ministry of Defence, now it belongs to Benestar Social (Generalitat) and it hosts different entities of social integration.





Castle of Can Taió: the castle Can Taió is a real caprice of Miquel Gomis and Güell, its owner, whom infected by the Romanticism of the 19th century, decided to build a castle as the old ones. Its construction lasted until the year 1929. It seems that this eclectic building only had a bathroom and it had no heat nor hot water.


The farm on which it was built has its origins in the 8th century and it had two constructions, one known as Casa Miró, on which he would build the castle, and Can Taió, that of the landlord that would give his name to the farm and the current neighbourhood in which it is integrated.


The centre of Santiga and the masia of Torreferrusa are points of interest near this route.

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