Castell de Clasquerí

The Castle of Castellar, also known as the castle of Clasqueri, is located in the banks of the River Ripoll, on a hill around Castellar.

In the 10th-11th centuries, Castellar was a territory defined as “castrum kastellare”, constituted by scattered masies. The lands that formed this group were the subject of purchase and sale between the House of Barcelona, the feudal families and the monasteries. One of these families, the Clasqueri, became lords, both at territorial and jurisdictional level from the beginning of the 15th century and until the disappearance of the feudal power. That is why, during this time, this surname ess the name of the municipality.

The castle has a trapezoidal floor, two towers and a central courtyard, with a well and the stairs to the first floor. Two added wings and a tower on the angle closed the architectural ensemble where you can find the Gothic chapel of Santa Barbara.

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