Between 1910 and 1925 there were built most of the  houses and modernist buildings of Rubí. The modernist buildings of the city were built mostly by people from Rubí who had made their fortune in America and by industrialists from Barcelona who built his holiday residence in Rubí.

Some examples of modernist buildings in Cerdanyola are:

La torre Teixidor

Les Escoles Ribas

El Casino Espanyol

L’ateneu de Rubí

Celler cooperatiu

Also you may be interested in…

Cuina Vallès

Discover the restaurants that are part of the group Cuina Vallès


Celler cooperatiu de Rubí

Exceptional modernist construction projected by one of Gaudí’s disciples.


Itinerary through the center of Rubí

Explore Rubi city center and discover its historical heritage

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