From the Camí Ral to the summer holiday


Matadepera is today a town known for its privileged natural environment, and because of its high attractive residential area. But this has not always been so. Until the mid-20th century, the agricultural activity and the small rural industries were the most representative of its landscape. This itinerary wants to facilitate the approach to the cultural and historical heritage of Matadepera: from the  birth of the town centre from the  Camí Ral to the impact that represented the phenomenon of summer holiday.


The route passes by the town of Matadepera. The visitor will be able to see the Camí Ral, old road linking Barcelona with Manresa; l’Hostal de la Marieta, built in 1769; la plaça de Cal Baldiró, public space that was a ballroom and a theater and that hosted the premises that polarized the social and political life of Matadepera; the church, the bell tower and the vicariate, and Ca l’Aldavert, made by the modernist architect Bonaventura Bassegoda between 1890 and 1897 and where the poet Àngel Guimerà spent the summer.

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