Cerdanyola, a journey back in time
Discover the cultural heritage of Cerdanyola


Did you know that Cerdanyola has more than 1,000 years of history? We invite you to discover the city through their different archaeological remains, sites and unique buildings that are in the city and its surroundings. A weekend to discover the cultural heritage of Cerdanyola!



We will start the day by discovering the origins of the Vallès with a visit to the Iberian Museum and Village of Ca n’Oliver, a key element to get to know the Iberian culture of Laie in depth. A walk around the village is a window to the past, the evolution of this Iberian colony and the daily life of the Iberians who inhabited these lands.

Iberian Museum and Village of Ca n’Oliver

+34 93 692 33 22 / +34 93 580 45 00

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The gastronomic offer of Cerdanyola is an example of the diversity and culinary uniqueness of the city. Check the restaurant guide, you have plenty of options!


Let’s take a leap in time and get into the heyday of modern style! In Cerdanyola, you will find a good example of this period with the Pavillon of Ca n’Ortadó and the Cerdanyola Art Museum (MAC).

We suggest you to take a walk through the gardens of Ca n ‘Ortadó, with a romantic taste (check the timetables), and visit the MAC to admire the legacy of the artistic heritage of the city from the modernist, nineteenth-century and art deco era.

Museu d’Art de Cerdanyola (MAC)

+34 93 591 41 30

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Dinner and Sleep

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What do you prefer? Hiking and Romanesque or hiking and agriculture?


Hiking and Romanesque

We want you to discover the Romanesque church of Sant Iscle and Santa Victòria de les FeixesWe recommend you to get there by following the route that starts in the Parc de la Riera that crosses places and landscape elements of great interest such as the aqueduct, the hermitage of Santa Maria de les Feixes and Can Catà.

Plan the route (route 3).


Hiking and agricultutre

Immerse yourself in the agricultural past of Cerdanyola with a visit to Can Coll, a farmhouse from the 15th century which is currently an environmental education center. On Sundays from 9:30 to 2:30 pm you can visit the farmhouse, which shows the way of life of the peasants of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and see their permanent exhibition. Check out the Can Coll offer to find out more!

Once you have visited the farmhouse, take the opportunity to get to know the surroundings through the signposted itineraries. The Can Coll team will inform you of the multiple options and levels.


Centre d’Educació Ambiental Can Coll

+34 93 692 03 96 / +34 638 56 52 77 

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How to get there

Cerdanyola del Vallès is located in the middle of a communications hub that facilitates access from anywhere.

It has four train stations, two of Ferrocarrils Catalans and two of Renfe, with lines C4, C7 and S2. Twelve intercity bus lines cross its territory, two of them are night buses. Consult the itineraries on the Mou-te portal.

By car, you can reach it from the AP7 motorway, the C-58, the N-150 roads, from Barcelona to Terrassa, the BV-1415, from Barcelona to Cerdanyola del Vallès by Horta and the B-30, the crossroad and bypass of Barcelona.


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