Casa Alegre de Sagrera. Museu de Terrassa

Casa Alegre de Sagrera

Located in the city centre of Terrassa, the Casa Alegre de Sagrera was built at the beginning of the 19th century. In 1911, the architect Melcior Vinyals turned it into a model of housing of the modernist industrial bourgeoisie. We must highlight its uniqueness as a modernist house of the middle-class from Terrassa.

The House is destined to museum uses from 1973 and is managed by the Management and Services of the Museu de Terrassa. It has a dining room for formal events where you will currently find the mural paintings that Alexandre de Riquer painted in 1901. The hall is the more noble room of the House with marble columns with pink floral capitals and three allegories dedicated to agriculture, trade and the textile industry. The stained glass window is an annex space with the living room over the courtyard, which covers the space between the two wings of the House and closes in the North with a large wrought-iron fence.

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