Where sustainability is a priority.

Tips for travelers

During your visit…

Small gestures that help the planet.
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Nature. Cuisine with its own identity. Cultural and historical heritage. Local, authentic products found exclusively in our region…


The Vallès Occidental has a natural, cultural, and historical wealth that is palpable through its cuisine, customs and traditions. These unique facets enrich the daily life of locals and the stay of those who visit. For this reason, it is important to protect these cultural treasures.


Feel welcomed during your stay and remember that sustainable travel is respectful travel. Enjoy everything the region has to offer through responsible travel choices.

Sustainable mobility

Park your vehicle

Think about parking your car but if not possible, upon arrival, consider walking, cycling, carpooling or using public transportation.


Check the public transportation map and bike service of the town you visit.

Zero waste

Tips for reducing waste

– Check out options for accommodations with minimal environmental impact (rentals and hotels accredited with sustainability badges)
– Don’t forget your sustainable items such as the reusable cups and bottles to avoid single-use packaging
– Consider digital tickets whenever possible
-If not necessary, ask the hotel to not change the sheets or towels during your stay
– Consider purchasing local, handmade souvenirs
– Use the selective waste collection system

Local product

Cuisine is culture

Take the opportunity to try local and fresh products.

Let our unique, slow-food restaurants introduce you to the regional flavors grown and produced in our own backyard. Our local farmers and producers will open their doors so you can experience the process and taste the result.

Experience local culture

Live the experience

Travel is an opportunity to discover, grow and learn!
Enjoy the Vallès and its people, and don’t hesitate to engage with our local producers, shops, hotels, tourist information points, etc. They will all appreciate your interest and are happy to share with you any information about culture, customs and traditions…

Protected natural areas



Hiking, cycling, climbing, equestrian and walking tours… the Vallès Occidental offers you many options to enjoy our pristine, natural environment.

The Interpretation Centers of each respective natural park are at your disposal to inform you about all the leisure options and the general regulations for public use.




Collaborate in preservation

Become a volunteer

Do you want to do your part and help us preserve our environment?
Volunteering is one of the most beautiful and enriching ways to give back and help us preserve the natural heritage of the territory that has welcomed you during your visit.