The gaze of Vila Puig

Sant Quirze del Vallès, as a large part of the territory of the country, has maintained a remarkable evolutionary process from the hand of man and industrialization. This itinerary wants to present the historical-artistic heritage and the rural past of Sant Quirze del Vallès through part of the work of the leading painter from Sant Quirze, Joan Vila Puig. Through his painting and his gaze filtered by the emotivity of the landscapes that surrounded him in his childhood, it is exposed a contrast of the past and present of Sant Quirze.


The trail runs entirely by the town of Sant Quirze. The visit starts in the birthplace of the painter Joan Vila Puig, now converted into a cultural center and that keeps intact a good part of the furniture and household goods that accompanied the artist in his childhood. Then, it continues with a visit to the ancient Carrer Major to the Plaça de la Vila, where there still can be seen the architectural model of the beginning of the 20th century in some houses; the church of Sant Quirze i Santa Julita, an example of Romanesque church; the Cooperativa Agrícola, a building that represents the materialization of the economic, social and cultural progress which  the Vallès area experienced at the beginning of the 20th century; the first peripheral housing development, la Patronal and the residential villas; the Parc de les Morisques, also called the Taula Rodona, and the masies of Can Bar and Can Feliu.

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