Park of Can Gambús


The Park of Can Gambús is located in the West part of the city of Sabadell, in the new quarter of Can Gambús. It occupies a total of 13.24 hectares and and it is the second city park, because of its area. In the middle you can find the masia of Can Gambús.


The Park of Can Gambús has a picnic area and 4 playgrounds, within which there are games of movement (swings of different types, docks, gateways and trunks of balance, death slides,…), symbolic play (stalls and turrets), manipulation games (games of “making cookies”), musical games (cushions with sounds, musical walkway) and blackboards to draw. It also has a public toilet and a recreation area for dogs.

Lately they have installed two establishments: the bar El Niu and the restaurant La Capella. The park has a parking space in the street of Dinamarca.



The masia Can Gambús, documented in the middle of the 16th century and that, from its height, it allowed the visual control of the territory. It offers a superb panoramic view of the city of Sabadell and its environment.

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