CAR – Centre d’Alt Rendiment


The Centre d’Alt Rendiment (CAR) offers its support to the sport to make it competitive in the international level, optimizing resources of technical and scientific highest quality. It has at its disposal all the necessary means for the comprehensive training of the athletes.

It is equipped with a large number of sports facilities (indoor and outdoor Olympic-distance swimming pools), 30 meters jumping swimming pool and, athletics track, soccer field, outdoor clay courts and synthetic resins Tennis courts Pavilion and multi-purpose spaces.

It can be offered the possibility of recreational activities associated to events such as running, practicing physical activity in group, etc. In addition, there is the opportunity to listen to leading figures of the sport thanks to the CAR’Speakers program created by CAR-Sant Cugat. All the facilities include Wi-Fi connection and the auditorium is equipped to carry out videoconferences.

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